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Annual Compliance Requirements Test

Annual Compliance Requirements Test


The Hong It is a requirement of Hong Kong law that every Hong Kong company engage a Hong Kong resident company secretary to maintain the statutory records of the Company. The company is required to have a registered address in Hong Kong and this address must be advised to the Companies Registry for the purpose of delivery of notices and communications by the Hong Kong authorities. Furthermore the company’s statutory records must be retained at the registered office address for periodic inspection by officers of the Companies Registry.


Every Hong Kong company is required by law to file an Annual Return (Form NAR1) at the Companies Registry on the anniversary of its incorporation. The Annual Return (Form NAR1) details the corporate structure of the Company including details of the shareholders, directors and company secretary.

We prepare the Annual Return (Form NAR1) on behalf of our clients and the cost of the preparation is included within all of our annual packages.


Every Hong Kong company is required to renew its business registration on an annual basis on the anniversary of its incorporation by paying a registration fee to the Hong Kong Government.


It is a requirement of Hong Kong law that every company maintains accounting records, prepares annual accounts in accordance with Hong Kong accounting standards and arranges for its accounts to be audited by Hong Kong registered Certified Public Accountants.

Each company is free to choose any month end as its accounting year end date however the first accounting period can cover a period no longer than 18 months from the date of incorporation. Once the accounting year end date is chosen then the company must produce its accounts every 12 months using the same accounting year end date.

The tax year end in Hong Kong is 31 March and we therefore suggest to clients that they select 31 March for their accounting year end date to coincide with the date when tax returns will be issued by the Hong Kong tax authorities.


Every Hong Kong company is required to file a Profits Tax Return on an annual basis even in cases when there is no business activity in Hong Kong and/or no tax payable.

The first Profits Tax Return is issued to the Company approximately 18 months after incorporation and must be filed with the Hong Kong tax authorities together with the first audited accounts no later than 3 months after issuance. In all subsequent years the Profits Tax Return will be issued on 31 March.


Every Hong Kong company is required to submit a return to the Hong Kong tax authorities before 30 April each year detailing the remuneration paid to its employees during the year to 31 March. If a company has paid no remuneration it is required to complete the return to advise the Hong Kong tax authority that no remuneration has been paid.