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The following is a step by step guide of the process to incorporate a Hong Kong company.


Please take a few minutes to complete our online incorporation form by providing your intended company name, choose your incorporation package, provide brief details of your intended business activity and provide the name and address of the shareholder and director.


We will review your incorporation form, clarify any issues with you and provide a written fee quote together with our bank account details for your payment to incorporate your company.


We will prepare the incorporation documents “Form NNC1 – Incorporation Form” and “Articles of Association” for your signature upon receipt of your payment. The incorporation documents can be signed at our office if you are in Hong Kong. If you are overseas we will email the incorporation documents to you for your signature and you will need to courier the original signed documents to us for submission to the Companies Registry.


We will submit the original signed “Form NNC1 - Incorporation Form” and “Articles of Association” to the Companies Registry. Your company will be incorporated within 5 to 7 working days after submission of the documents to the Companies Registry. If you are living in Hong Kong you may also use the Companies Registry Express Incorporation Service whereby your company can be incorporated within 1 working day for an additional cost.


You can now commence the process to open an account with a Hong Kong bank or with a FinTech company in Hong Kong or with an offshore bank


If you are living in Hong Kong and visit our office to sign the company incorporation documents your company will be incorporated and ready to use within 5 to 7 working days or within 1 working day if you use the Express Incorporation Service. Once your company has been incorporated you can then start to liaise with the bank or FinTech company to open an account.

If you are living overseas the quickest way to start your business is to incorporate your company and open an account with a FinTech company in Hong Kong. The incorporation and account opening can be completed without visiting Hong Kong and your company will be able to conduct business using its FinTech account within 2 to 3 weeks of making your payment to incorporate the company.

If you wish to open a bank account in Hong Kong for your new company you first need to incorporate your company and then meet with the bank in Hong Kong. It usually takes overseas clients around 8 weeks from the start of the company incorporation until the bank account is operational. We suggest to incorporate your company and arrange the bank account opening meeting before travelling to Hong Kong as it takes up to 2 weeks to complete the company incorporation and a further 2 weeks for the bank to arrange your account opening meeting… it then usually takes the banks up to 4 weeks to open the account after meeting with you. The advantage of incorporating your company before travelling to Hong Kong is you will have a confirmed meeting with the bank before you arrive meaning you will only need to spend 1 or 2 days in Hong Kong to meet with ourselves and the bank.

It is also possible to start the incorporation when you arrive in Hong Kong however in this scenario you will need to stay in Hong Kong for 2 to 3 weeks whilst the company is being incorporated and until you have met with the bank.